A full feminine breast has been the classical symbol of maternity and lust for a woman, expressing sexiness and boosting her self-confidence.
Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly executed operations in plastic surgery, improving the size and shape of breast. It is suitable for women with a small breast or to those whose breast has lost its volume and shape after weight loss, pregnancy or over time.

The materials used include new generation elastic unfolding silicone inserts which have a natural breast texture. These do not cause any disease or increase the likelihood of any disease, including breast cancer. They also do not affect breastfeeding.

Selecting the best size is a combination of your wishes and the physician’s objective view that the breasts are harmonious in relation to the rest of the body. Important parameters that determine the size are the pre-existing breast anatomy and size of your chest, elasticity of your skin and your body type.

Inserts may be placed below the mass gland, under the muscle or under its fascia. Surgical incisions are hidden in specially selected areas so that they are not visible, and the incision is in the sub-fold aspect and is about 4 cm long. Alternatively, an incision is made in the areola. Selection of the exact spot of the insert depends, among others, on the type of insert used, the size of the pre-existing breast and the degree of augmentation desired.

Patients are expected to stay one day in the clinic. Post-operative recovery is smooth, and the patient may return to daily routine shortly after the operation.

After the operation, patients have the breast they’ve always dreamt of and new self-confidence!