Energiers is a second-generation Greek family business created in 1981 in Thessaloniki by the family of Athanasios Knis. With methodical and hard work, the brand Energiers developed rapidly and continues 40 years later, to have a strong presence in Greece and abroad, thanks to the combination of high design and absolute adherence to quality specifications, particularities and safety regulations of children’s clothing.

Mr. Christos Knis with studies in Business Administration, performs the duties of Managing Director, as he took over the reins of the company from the founder and his father, Mr. Athanasios Knis and his mother, Mrs. Euthalia Knis, while Mr. Ioannis Knis assumed the duties of Commercial Director. Mr. Athanasios Knis passed on to the second generation his knowledge in the production of clothing based on international standards, which is a result from his long-term involvement and experience with the subject in question.

Children’s clothing of unbeatable quality

“Children inspire us, values guide us!” – these words are the driving force that inspires the Energiers people to imagine, design and create quality and fashionable clothes, designed with love, according to the latest fashion dictates, meeting all the needs of a child.

Their daily concern is to “color” the wardrobe of our little friends with special, but also practical clothes and offer them an incredible fashion journey.

Their goal is to dress children with quality, making them feel comfortable, happy and beautiful with their appearance at the same time. Particular emphasis is placed on quality issues, while they do not stop only at the official clothing manufacturing certificates. They apply high manufacturing and dyeing expertise to minimize the incidence of allergies and skin conditions.


Energiers tracksuits are designed taking into account the intense everyday life of a child, but also of the busy mother. Some of them are made of pure cotton, taking care of the health of children who have allergies and skin diseases, and others are made of cotton and polyester that give an excellent finish and great touch. The Energiers jogging suits are durable, modern, with original prints, suitable to withstand a lot of play. Available with a hood, cardigan, in a variety of colors and styles.

At the same time, you will find casual outfits for evening going out where denim, sweatshirts and easywear dresses dominate, but also sets for more formal occasions such as oxford shirts, party dresses & chinos.

Finally, specifically for the baby collection, Energiers provides with special care and attention by choosing friendly and soft fabrics made of pure cotton and dyes without toxic substances. They design practical, comfortable, but at the same time fashionable baby clothes that accompany babies in their every moment.

Wide variety of products for children 0-16 years old

The first feature that distinguishes the Energiers company is the wide product range that can cover every age and need of a child.

Specifically, Energiers products are aimed at ages 0 to 16. Along with the casual line, there is also a full range of festive clothes as well as pyjamas, swimwear and all the accessories that go with clothing.

The second feature that makes Energiers products stand out is the combination of high fashion according to the latest European trends, top quality, high safety standards, but also a fair quality-price ratio.

A third feature is the principles and values ​​that exist in the Athanasios Knis family, the staff and the Energiers company. Also, its expanded presence with a network of stores throughout Greece and abroad is a key feature that makes it stand out. Specifically, the company has 4 important distribution channels through which its products are available in 15 corporate & 5 franchise stores, in more than 350 nationwide points through authorized partners, online but also with exports to over 20 countries worldwide.

Social responsibility of the company

The corporate social responsibility actions that Energiers carries out are about: people, society, the environment. The company Energiers believes and invests in long-term partnerships, as in this way relationships of trust are established. Therefore, it chooses to have stable partners, suppliers, employees and also loyal consumers.

In Energiers stores you will find special collection bins for used clothes, where you can offer what you no longer need. Energiers collect the clothes and in collaboration with Fabric Republic they are disinfected, categorized and either forwarded to organizations and institutions or recycled! Also, Energiers provides a permanent discount of 15% to the unemployed, those with three children and those with many children, while every year at the cutting of the New Year’s pie of the associations with many children in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Kavala, it donates to first grade children their first school backpack.

In addition, Energiers supports families in need, philanthropic associations, charitable institutions, sports and cultural clubs by offering clothing and financial support, while also donating high-tech equipment and hospital tools to Hippokration Hospital.

Finally, Energiers invests in electronic systems, trying to make the most of electronic communication, both inside and outside of the company, in order to reduce the paper file to the minimum possible. Waste paper is collected for recycling. Also, all boxes and pallets are recycled. It is also worth mentioning the help of Energiers in the reforestation that took place on Mount Poikilo, under the auspices of the Archbishop of Athens & All Greece and the Deputy Minister of Development, Mr. Kiltidis.