A neoclassical house of 1906 was reborn in 2018 to redefine entertainment, company, and fine dining in a beautiful space with a huge history… that enchanted us for good.

If you’re wondering how it got that name, let us enlighten you. Epavli Marokkou (which means Morocco Mansion) was built by the Austrian citizen Ioannis Morocco around 1906. It was then sold to the Bourlas family, passed into the hands of the State and in 1985 it was declared a preserved monument and is now officially a part of our cultural heritage. 1986 was the first time that it became a coffee bar called “Panseloinos” and then changed its use – as it was for years the Traffic Department in the area.

Today Epavli Marokkou finally… found its best self. Crowds of people, musicians and positive vibes roam the space and from the first day it became the talk of the town – since they come from all over the city to drink their coffee, try new dishes at brunch or enjoy their cocktail!

A café-bar open for everyone, for a night out, for a special meal, for a group that wants to drink and eat something, for someone returning from their evening walk on the beach!

The secret of Epavli is that it suits everyone and all moods

Its strong point, apart from everything else, is that it has two courtyards, one in front and one in the back where, especially in the summer, its coolness is magical. A space that is intimate and at the same time imposing, accessible and elegant. Here the group will gather for beer and snacks, here you can come for a romantic dinner or coffee with your friends.

Unique food options and unique food pairings

You will always find something creative here! With the renewed list of cocktails, you will always find some new recipe applied by the bar manager of Epavli and her team, while in the food there will always be something else to try with innovative ideas from the f&b manager and the chefs!

Let’s recommend the wine and sushi combo for an outing with your partner and the Mexican combo for your friends, although the multitude of options will make ordering somewhat… difficult since you won’t know what to get first.