Les Zazous always gives you reasons to take the road to the east side of the city.

Stylish and renovated very recently, the all day concept multi-venue of Les Zazous has that hype that we rarely find but when we come across it, we stick with it.

Feel good vibes at high revs

Cuisine with a unique combination of flavors, a modern aura of elegance, fine cocktails and impressive decoration combined with a unique view. Everything that makes a bar-restaurant top, from the music and the atmosphere, to the flavors, the cocktails and the people, is here.

The various groups of people enjoy their wine, taste sushi from the beautiful platters, and the music creates the perfect soundtrack. The kitchen starts in the morning, serving delicious pancakes, eggs benedict and more, before moving on to the main menu.

Its famous brunch, as well as its elegant menu, compose a signature collage of flavors.

Rich menu, signature cocktails

Although very popular at all hours of the day, as night falls, Les Zazous enters its best moment and is also the perfect time for cocktails, accompanying them with sushi (nigiri, norimaki, inside out rolls and special rolls) or for an evening with your friends with a platter of well-chosen cheeses and charcuterie.

Anyone who has been there at dusk knows very well what we are talking about. If you have spent evenings on its terrace, then you only understand how unique it is.

On the menu the options are excellent – if you want pasta, here you will find unique options, or if you want something more premium, the menu at Les Zazous has excellent premium cuts.

What will you choose? Rib Eye Angus or Tomahawk? Here you will also find wines from local varieties from Greek producers as well as selected labels from abroad.

In any case, after dinner, one of the signature cocktails recommended by Les Zazous bartenders is a must for every hour – from afternoon aperitivo to evening fun moments with your company.

Also, a perfect idea to complete the meal or to accompany coffee or wine at any time are the desserts on the menu – whether you will share them is another matter.

Tip: Quite often, you can enjoy unique live shows and dj sets that are out of the ordinary, while the place is available for events.