A huge variety of suggestions in Asian flavors and a logo that we all loved, have made “Mongo Asian Food” a favorite destination for tasty trips to eastern cuisine, for the last 18 years.

Spread across Thessaloniki, the company’s four stores are waiting every day to welcome younger and older people to their tables, to “introduce” them to the secrets of sushi, noodles – with any flavor everyone likes – and fluffy stuffed bao buns.

The idea of “Mongo Asian Food” was born in mid-2004, through traveling to European and Asian destinations and trying new flavors and different types of cuisine. In the years that followed, a total of five stores were opened – four in Thessaloniki and one in Athens, with the most recent in Thessaloniki, “Mongo” in Kalamaria, which opened in Themistoklis Sofouli str. in 2020.

This business move was made with the aim of filling the gap that existed, to a large extent, in the Greek market for “ready to eat” food with international influences. In addition, the owners’ family are lovers of transatlantic travel and have a special interest in the countries of Asia.

All «Mongo’s» suggestions

At “Mongo”, a rich buffet allows you to choose your own sushi, from a wide variety of maki, nigiri, inside out, sashimi and all the corresponding items, that cover this classic type of Asian cuisine.

The store innovates with sushi dogs (like, hot dogs), whole maki rolls with vegetables and meat or fish of everyone’s choice – chicken, shrimp, salmon or crab – while a “strong” choice of the public is the bao buns – with chicken, roast duck or breaded prawns – loved by young and old alike.

In the four restaurants anyone can create his own dish, choosing the base (rice or noodles), meat or fish, vegetables and sauce.

In addition to the sushi suggestions, you can choose from a wide range of ready-made rice dishes, noodles, appetizers, and salads, while a vegan menu has now been added to the list. Each dish has its own fans, people who have trusted “Mongo” for 17 years to enjoy Asian flavors.

There is space for premium sushi

Soon, sushi lovers will be able to enjoy a premium a la carte menu, exclusively on the upper floor of the store on Ioanni Kouskoura str. 6, in the center of Thessaloniki (more, for the operation of the “Mongo bar Project”, will be announced through of the company’s official communication channels – Instagram, Facebook).

Also, at the same address as “Mongo” by Themistoklis Sofoulis str., in Kalamaria, there is another part of the owner’s business, “Tres Caballeros SKG”, with a huge variety of Mexican flavors and cocktails. The menu also includes Asian cuisine and market of Asian products.

The lovers of Asian food have the opportunity to enjoy premium sushi and appetizers, accompanied by a completely renewed menu, with signature cocktails and drinks, and often with live music in the background, as part of the events that will be organized in that place.

In “Mongo” stores there is a hall with tables and seats, indoor and outdoor. Anyone can come, without a reservation, order self-service and sit in any part of the store that feels good, to enjoy their meal.