Brazil is famous for many delightful things. One of them is food. And what better way to get to know a country’s culture than to taste its traditional, everyday cuisine.

So, the former football player, Bruno Cardoso, decided in the summer of 2018 to turn his love for cooking into a profession and to introduce authentic Brazilian cuisine to Thessaloniki.

Bruno’s purpose was to introduce the everyday, home-cooked food of Brazil to the public of Thessaloniki. So at “Picanha Meat and More”, you will taste authentic flavors that Brazilians enjoy every day at their table.

Brazil, of course, is famous for its excellent quality meats, their special cuts and awesome grilling techniques. Beef is the star of their cuisine. So you should not miss some of the special meats that are on the menu of “Picanha Meat and More”.

The excellent quality blackangus you will taste, like most meats, comes from selected farms in Brazil and America.

All of the above will be enjoyed in a beautiful, warm environment, in Ladadika, with friendly service and a willingness to explain how you can ideally enjoy a complete Brazilian menu.

We highly recommend accompanying your meal with the authentic caipirinha, which the “Picanha Meat and More” team knows very well how to make.