A walk in the center of Thessaloniki brings us close to an optical shop that immediately catches interest. “Zannis Optics” is distinguished not only for the variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses they have, but also for the prompt, courteous service they offer. However, what characterizes the store is its long history and presence in the city.

30 years ago, Dimitris Zannis charted his own path by going to Austria to study optics. Then he earned a master’s in optometry and returned home to innovate and deliver, at a time when combining retail with optometry and low vision was anything but common.

Genuine love for the magical world of Optics

The love for the profession, the interest towards the customer and the full coverage of the most difficult requirements were enough to quickly make the store the most popular in Thessaloniki. Over time, the small shop in Aristotelous street tripled in size. The clientele he created by “word of mouth” increased significantly.

With scientific knowledge, undiminished attention to the unique needs of each customer and love for detailed work, Mr. Zannis has made the store a point of reference for the purchase of sunglasses, eyeglasses, eyeglass frames and contact lenses, winning over even the most demanding customers. As he tells us, “the greatest satisfaction for us is to see people, who trust us, leave with a big smile and come back with an even bigger one. There you feel that you have really provided a solution to the other person’s need, that you have contributed to their quality of life.”

The constant and long-term cooperation of the store with the biggest brand names in the field of optics, gives it the absolute advantage, as well as the ability to offer a huge variety at the best possible price.

Following the family tradition, Eva, Dimitris’ daughter, has already started her studies in optometry in Vienna and is ready to enter the family business, offering a fresh look, appetite and innovation, elements that also characterize her as personality.

In this way, “Zannis Optics” intends to remain as one of the most specialized professionals in the field of optics, offering even more in the future and justifying the preference of the people who have trusted them all these years.